Code of Conduct

I. Core

Art. 1 Integrity: BJJ Gent upholds a philosophy that enriches our jiu-jitsu with integrity, respect, ethical conduct, and self-development. This ethos nurtures both mind and body, crafting a comprehensive path in martial arts. As a member, you are encouraged to integrate these principles into your practice, thereby contributing to the legacy and fabric of this academy.

Art. 2 Respect: Members are expected to exhibit respect in the academy, transcending differences in rank, skill, age, gender, nationality, or background. Discrimination, harassment, and derogatory behavior are not tolerated under any circumstances. If you witness or experience any violations of these standards, you can reach out to the coaches of the academy. 

Art. 3 Safety: Longevity is paramount. Techniques should be practiced responsibly under the guidance of our coaches. Sparrings with arrogance or hostility that endangers the safety of teammates and visitors will not be tolerated.

II. The Usual Standard

Art. 4 Hygiene: High standards of hygiene are mandatory for all members, requiring regular cleaning of gi/nogi wear after each training, trimmed nails, footwear outside of training areas, and overall cleanliness.

Art. 5 Health and Disease Prevention: Members must act proactively to prevent the spread of contagious diseases. Those with, or suspecting, a contagious condition must cease gym participation and seek medical guidance. In the case of serious contagious conditions, such as Staph or scabies, etc., notify the academy promptly via email (bjjgent@hotmail.com) and obtain medical clearance before returning to the academy. 

III. The Way of The Mat

Art. 6 Punctuality: Arriving on time is expected. Latecomers are required to do burpees and respectfully await the instructor’s approval before joining the mat.

Art. 7 Mat Etiquette: The mat is a shoe- and jewelry-free zone. 

Art. 8 Sparring: Sparring demands control and safety consideration. Techniques and intensity should be adjusted based on partner’s skill, age, and condition.

Art. 9 Prohibited techniques: Slamming, jumping attacks, scissor takedowns, spinal locks, neck cranks, suplex takedowns, and direct backward collar pulls from the turtle position. Knee reaping in nogi may be practiced only with prior mutual agreement.

IV. The Membership Mandate

Art. 10 Insurance and Trial Class: All members must maintain insurance coverage during training. The three free trial classes are not covered. Participants acknowledge and agree that the academy bears no liability for any injuries and incidents during trial classes.

Art. 11 Membership Obligations: Members must fulfill all requirements, including timely fee payment and academy policy adherence.

Art. 12 Representation: When representing the academy at external events, members are expected to exemplify our core values of respect, integrity, and sportsmanship.

V. Virtual Virtue

Art. 13 Digital Integrity: Engaging in defamatory content, spamming, or cyberbullying in the name of the academy is prohibited.

Art. 14 Intellectual Property: Copyrighted material of BJJ Gent may be used only with the explicit permission of the academy owner.

Art. 15 Online Etiquette: Maintain professionalism and respect in all online interactions related to the academy. 

VI. The Equalizer 

Art. 16 Violations: Disciplinary actions may include warnings, suspension, or expulsion from the academy, depending on misconduct severity and frequency.

This Code of Conduct is subject to periodic reviews and updates to ensure its effectiveness. Please regularly consult this page to stay informed about updates.